Continuous Improvement

Once your project has gone live successfully and your system has been stabilized, it is time to start thinking about continuous improvements that this framework can help you focus on. All you have to do is to select the business processes you want to optimize further and redefine your KPIs for the new ‘Holistic Cycle’ in an on-going manner. The different maturity levels can be defined and tracked as follows:

First Iteration = Level 7 (at Go-live);

Second Iteration = 7.7 (within S&O);

Third Iteration = Level 7.7.7 (within S&O).


maturity cycle

This approach can be used to implement ways of keeping the “ball at the top” after the go-live.  It will also prepare your system and processes for continuous improvement that can take place in a consistent way that is in alignment with the major aspects of your implementation. The illustration above shows the different Maturity Levels of Holistika7TM.


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