The specific roles associated with Holistika7TM are created to promote collaboration and communication across the teams, as follows:

  • PPT Leads – Business Process Team Leaders who are responsible to manage the PPT Wheels via the PPT Sheets. Example: Order-to-Cash Lead, Procure-to-Pay Lead, etc.
  • Team Links – Team members assigned to specific areas to promote the required discussions and horizontal interaction across multiple teams. Example: Business Excellence Link, Green Link and Data Link.
  • Project Manager Link (PMLTM) – Project-Office level role responsible for all aspects of Holistika7TM on the project. Also known as the ‘Holistika7TM Champion’.

The PMLTM overlooks the PPT Portfolio (all PPT Wheels combined) while facilitating cross-team discussions, promoting integration and providing stakeholders with timely assessments about the portfolio’s health. The PMLTM interacts directly with the PPT Leads, Team Links and Project Office, including the Project Manager, though this is a non-administrative role. The PMLTM works ahead of the current phase of the project in order to clear the road for the Project Team.


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