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  • Roadmapping: It’s a method that facilitates the creation of a shared vision for the future.
  • The 7-S Framework:  A diagnostic model that can be used throughout all phases.
  • Business Process Re-design: A framework for radical re-design of organizational processes.
  • Kotter’s 8 Phases of Change: Systematic approach to achieving successful and sustainable change.
  • Lean Thinking / Just in Time: Methodology created to reduce waste in all areas of a business.
  • Six Sigma: Method that provides Quality improvement through Statistics.
  • The EFQM Excellence Model: Framework  that emphasizes collaboration between different departments.
  • The Theory of Constraints: Maximizes output with resources available.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Tools to help an investigative team to find the real reason for the fault or problem.
  • Pareto Analysis: Uses the Pareto’s principle with the assumption that 80% of any set of results are generated from 20% of the participants.
  • Deming Cycle: Also known as PDCA (or PDSA) cycle. Provides a mechanism for continuous improvement.
  • PESTEL Analysis: Tool to help guide strategic planning while considering the impact to the environment.

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