Holistika7TM, or H7, as we call it, is a framework which encapsulates your choice of a software or ERP development methodology within the concept of Continuous Process Improvements (CPI).

The CPI approach is based on the belief that optimization toward “perfection” is approachable and that you get closer to it by iterating your way to the goal.

The concept seems simple: you analyze the results of the project you're executing, or have just completed, detailing the areas in the system which work well and those which perform less than satisfactorily, and then incorporate these lessons learned into your methodology, so that the next time you run a project you produce a better result.

In other words, you don’t deliver a perfect system the first time you try to manage an ERP project, or even the second or third time, but each time you repeat the process you do get closer and closer to that elusive goal.

Holistika7TM however is not another methodology to be added to your list but a new path that offers a fresh perspective on how you can manage your ERP projects with better results. This approach can be wrapped around the methodology you are already familiar with or about to explore.

The application of the this framework to your project, being small or large, may give you an edge that most of the ERP and applications implementation methodologies in general lack, even though they may have reached a high level of maturity.

Holistika7TM Framework

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